* CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter and CRYSTAL QUEST® Shower Filter were awarded "Best Buys" in the August 2006 issue of Consumers Digest magazine.

* CRYSTAL QUEST® water filters have been rated by "The Drinking Water Book - How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins From Your Water" by Colin Ingram.

Enjoy delicious, healthy water straight from your tap with CRYSTAL QUEST® Faucet Mount Water Filter.

Faucet Mount Filtration System is the most advanced water filtration system for healthier, great-tasting water, right from your tap. The CRYSTAL QUEST® Faucet Mount Filter is the only leading brand with 5 stages of filtration.

* Ingenious space-saving design that allows for easy access to your sink all the time.

* Quick and easy to install and use, attractive, convenient, and effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water.

* Conveniently provides 2,000 gallons (6-12 months) of quality water.

* Available in chrome and white.

Shipping is $5.95 per unit


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CRYSTAL QUEST® Large Capacity Ultimate Pitcher provides clean, great-tasting water conveniently, waiting and chilled in your refrigerator.

* Removes hundreds of contaminants from water.

* CRYSTAL QUEST ® Pitcher Water Filter is the only leading brand with 4 stages of filtration.

* Large 10-cup pitcher is perfect for entertaining or just for having lots of delicious, chilled water available.

* Slim, space-efficient shape fits neatly into refrigerator.

* Contemporary, stylish design.

* Convenient flip-top lid for easy refilling, and handle designed for comfortable pouring.

* Conveniently provides 2,000 gallons (6-12 months)* of quality water.

* Designed in a attractive clear and blue.

Shipping is $7.00 per unit

$22.99 each.


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