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CQE-WH-11630 Crystal Quest Whole House Fluoride Water Filter

CQE-WH-11630 Crystal Quest Whole House Fluoride Water Filter

Crystal Quest Whole House Fluoride Water Filter.

Crystal Quest CQE-WH-11630 Whole House Fluoride water filters are: Simple, User friendly, easy to program, dependable, fully shipped with filtration media already in the tank. WE DO NOT ship filtration media separately for our customers to pour in. The system connects to the main line of your home and filters all the incoming water to it. It requires a nearby power outlet and drain source (usually the washing machine drain).  We ship complete and ready to be plumbed in.

All Crystal Quest Water Softener includes the following:
  • 10 year Warranty on resin tank and brine tank assembly
  • 5 year Warranty on all Computer Monitored control valves
  • A self-backwashing Microprocessor Control system that automatically removes the trapped contaminants within the filter bed and washes them down the drain
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • By-pass valve
  • Low voltage transformer

Water travels through 3 stages of filtration:
  • First stage, water flows through a 20" sediment filter cartridge that removes sediment, silt, sand and dirt. Also extends the life of water softeners and water filters, and prevents damage to control valves or pumps.
  • Second stage, water flows through a fluoride reducing mineral tank. Containing synthetic Aluminum Oxide adsorbant  media. Specifically designed to have a high affinity for Fluoride, Lead and Arsenic. It removes metals through a mixture of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media, therefore, the elimination is not reliant on ion exchange. It  has uniform particle size, is physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range. Also effectively removes lead and arsenic. 
  • Third  stage, water flows through a 20" solid carbon cartridge for removing volatile organic carbon compounds (VOC's, insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents).*
  •  Poly Glass™ mineral tank
  •  Riser style 1" internal flow distributor.
  •  Solid state microprocessor with LED display Electronics control valve
  •  11.0 gallon-per-minute flow rate.
  •  Chrome sleeve/jacket - Polyester fiberglass tank.
  •  3/4" or 1" Stainless Steel Bypass Valve.
  •  NSF® certified component

Model: CQE-WH-11630
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Price and Free Shipping is for curb side delivery only. If you need ​extra services such as lift gate or inside delivery, ​​there is an additional cost of $55 for each service needed.

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