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Hello and Welcome to Quality-Drinking-Water.com. My name is William Kubit but my friends just call me Bill.

Quality-Drinking-Water is the second evaluation of my original site that was created solely to sell water filters through a company my wife Barb and I named J & E Water Filter and founded in 2005.

That name comes my two children Jason and Emily. J & E Water Filter was started to help them understand how a business is set up and works. Also to create some additional income to help my daughter with her dancing. (She has really improved over the years and I am Very proud of her.)

As any parent who has children in dance, hockey, football or any other sport knows very well, it can be quite expensive.

Costumes, shoes, competition fees and the like really can take a toll on a families budget so J & E Water Filters was created to help pay for those extra expenses.

What has happened with this business has changed my life and that of my family.

Learning More and More

I have learned so much about our water and just how it affects our health.

I began to write articles about the importance of drinking clean water free from the chemicals that end up in our water supply, as well as those that we add to our water to make it 'Safe' for us to drink.

I have learned why the fluoride that we add to the water is doing more harm than is being reported. That the chlorine that is used to make the water safe to drink is causing many other health problems. That there are many other chemicals that end up in our water supply that cause health problems...

And this information need to get into your hand so that your family can and will be drinking water that is safe for them.

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This site is a result of my education about water. It contains much of the information I've written in articles about but also information that I have learned since I wrote those articles.

I am still learning and this site will still evolve with that learning. I encourage you to came back and see what new things are add.

Passing on the Information

I also encourage you to sign up for my newsletter Healthy Family Living.

This newsletter will contain information not only on water but on any aspect of healthy family living.

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Thank you for visiting Quality-Drinking-Water.com and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

God Bless,