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Aquasana AQ-4000 Counter top Water Filter

               Aquasana AQ-4000


Countertop Water Filter

Model # AQ-4000

List Price: $124.99
Your Price: 99.99
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AQ-4000 Voted Consumers Digest Best Buy 6 years in a row!

Installs in seconds! [Easy Install Video]

Comes with Aquasana's 60 day satisfaction guarantee!

Order now & get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in North America!

 More Information:

Aquasana is the top rated home water filter in America. It works better and costs less than any other leading brand!

Made in the U.S.A.

Comparison of Top Water Filters

Aquasana's AQ-4000 patented dual cartridge drinking water filter installs in seconds on standard kitchen faucets and provides up to 30 gallons an hour of ultra-filtered, high-quality water for drinking, cooking and preparing beverages. Includes filter housing, chrome faucet diverter, twin filter cartridge set (lasts 6 months/filters 500 gallons), and easy-to-follow instructions. Replacement filters cost $48.00 every 6 months/500 gallons, that's less than 10¢ a gallon/$8.00 a month for a virtually unlimited supply of healthy water.

You get the very best tasting water, certified contaminant reduction, the best value and the most convenience, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water or other filter brands!

Aquasana's AQ-4000 exclusive "Selective Filtration" process uses a combination of carbon filtration, ion exchange and sub micron filtration to produce truly healthy, great-tasting water conveniently from your kitchen tap. Filters out chlorine, lead, prescription drugs, pharmaceuticals, VOCs, THMs, MTBE and cysts (chlorine-resistant parasites) and leaves in the natural trace minerals!

Aquasana water tastes like natural spring water and is of the very highest quality possible!

Healthy, great-tasting water at the touch of a button for under 10¢ a gallon. Aquasana's contaminant reduction capabilities are third-party tested and certified by Underwriters laboratories and the California Department of Public Health.

IMPORTANT: Do not use where water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown microbiological quality.

Aquasana Auto-Ship Program

With Aquasana's "Water for Life" filter auto-ship program, you'll receive fresh new replacement filters automatically every 6 months at discount pricing, a lifetime warranty, free product upgrades ... and FREE shipping! Required forms included with product.

60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Lifetime Warranty with Aquasana's "Water for Life" program!